Motorcycle Rallies

For Guzzisti all roads lead to Mandello. The world in one town. The return to the birthplace of their great passion. A pilgrimage to the factory. And then again…

Organised by the Motoclub Milano, the “Rosa d’inverno” (Winter Rose) left from Mandello, in front of the factory, and arrived in Piazza del Duomo in Milan.
In 1949, two rallies were organised: “Madonna dei centauri” in Rome and “Raduno delle 65” in Mandello; 12,660 motorbikes and 14,257 bikers from all over Europe and Italy came to Mandello.
In the 1950s and 1960s there were many motorbike rallies organised for Guzzisti.

In those years various Italian and foreign Motoclubs were founded and Mandello became an obligatory stop for Guzzisti.

1977: the Moto Club Carlo Guzzi, under the direction of President and founder Duilio Agostini, organised the first international rally in Mandello del Lario; thousands of enthusiastic motorcyclists took part in the biennial international meetings in September that created the tradition of camping in the public gardens and other places at their disposal.

Italian and international motorbike clubs dedicated to the Mandello brand were born, a spontaneous phenomenon due to the desire to get together, have fun, show the passion, esteem and admiration for the Moto Guzzi brand. The tradition of motorbike trips to Mandello became a must for Guzzisti from all over the world and sometimes the place to celebrate their marriage.

2001: a big event was organised for the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the factory, a memorable rally given the huge turnout of about 15,000 motorbikes.

From 2002 the GMG (Guzzi World Days) were organised.

2006: 85th of Moto Guzzi and the GMG were organised by Piaggio SpA. The Municipal Archive Memoria Locale collaborated on the book and exhibition “1921-2006, architecture, legends, memories“.

2008: Mandello del Lario took part in the establishment of the “Città dei motori” (Motor City) network to promote “Made in Italy“.

Mandello was in turmoil for a different rally than usual; many foreigners in Mandello and in Europe took part, protesting with the workers for fear that the factory would be moved from Mandello; groups in support of the protests were organised in Paris, London and elsewhere. The news went around the world, 10,000 signatures were collected against the relocation of Moto Guzzi from Mandello.

During the event the statue of Carlo Guzzi was inaugurated. The Archivio Comunale Memoria Locale collaborated to an exhibition on the Guzzi motorbikes and to the book “Le tre ruote d’oro: storia del motocarro Guzzi” (The three golden wheels: history of Guzzi light trucks).

International meeting “Mandello del Lario: city of Moto Guzzi“. The Archivio Comunale Memoria Locale presented a new tourist guide in Italian and English version: the “Itinerari GUZZI“.