At motorcycle rallies the imagination of Guzzisti is exhibited by their beloved personalised motorbikes, such as the famous “chariot”. From all over the world come photos of those who get married in sidecars and those who get married in threewheelers. In Amsterdam, a restaurant has a Guzzi threewheeler next to the kitchen, a U.S. dealer has transformed his Guzzi into a sidecar, a priest has used his Guzzi motorbike at missions to transport children, food and water; in Cuba, policemen still use Guzzis brought decades ago by some employees: “Guzzis always go“.

Moto Guzzi vehicles have appeared in films, short films, documentaries, radio and television reports and exhibitions. The Archives collaborated in providing images and testimonials for a number of documentaries made in Mandello: “L’aquila nel cuore, la Moto Guzzi raccontata da chi l’ha vissuta” (2013) and “Il coraggio di andare oltre” (2021).
The motorbikes and the Mandello factory are remembered in song lyrics, such as the one by Davide Van de Sfroos that recalls Moto Guzzi; Tiziano Incomi, “Bepi” wrote “Moto Gussi rock & roll” and he also came to Mandello on the occasion of a Motoraduno.