Motorcycles and Sport

The Moto Guzzi Sports Group, created by the company, was very active, and was involved in various specialities: Mountaineering, Athletics, Bocce, Rowing, Football, Cycling, Hiking, Motorcycling, Swimming, Basketball, Sport fishing, Running, Boxing, Rock climbing, Alpine and cross-country skiing, Tennis, Shooting…

There was already a bocce court at the first After Work Club.
Many workers played on the football team.
1935: Moto Guzzi built the Mandello sports ground on municipal land.
1929: the Moto Guzzi Rowing Club was established; it trained generations of athletes and created a school.
Several cycling races were organised by the company: the Moto Guzzi Cup and the Moto Guzzi Grand Prix. Sometimes the “Giro d’Italia“, escorted by Guzzi motorbikes, passed through Mandello.
Motorcycling was one of the company’s priorities.
The swimming section organised the Traversata del Lario (Lario crossing), which is still held every year.
After the war there were two basketball teams: women’s and men’s.
Regional and national fishing competitions were held every year; there was often a gathering of sports journalists who then documented the event with photos and articles in national newspapers.
The 1960s: the boxing section also trained champions.
Among the Moto Guzzi athletes, who practised downhill skiing and ski jumping, was Ulisse Guzzi, (ski jump record holder). With the construction of the Wind Tunnel, skis and bobsleighs were tested inside. Downhill skiers also took advantage of the wind tunnel to simulate a downhill run and study their best position on skis.
1961: The Moto Guzzi tennis team met the teams of other companies.
1959: Shooting competitions were held in the lake area.